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Fundraising Tombola

for the development of the MULTI-SKILLED-PROJECT

in the Kalahari Desert for the SAN people

We are saving the oldest and the most peaceful culture on earth by developing economic programs that will create the opportunity for them to adapt to the 21st century. They wish it!

The economic programs will include managing the accommodation of the travellers who will wish to get to know them and learn from their culture and traditions.

We will develop multi skills programs like: agriculture, gastronomy in a boutique restaurant, mechanics, sewing, building and sustaining the Camping, Glamping and luxurious Bungallows for the accomodation in a unique and environmental way.

This will give them the possibility of income for their families into a decent way of living and at the same time to preserve their culture and language in the 21st century.

trinkwasser4alle sebastian tirtirau, constantin m. bordian
trinkwasser4alle sebastian tirtirau, constantin m. bordian
trinkwasser4alle sebastian tirtirau, constantin m. bordian

Buy tickets for the raffle

In this section you can purchase tickets for the humanity raffle.

The BIG PRIZE digital random draw will take place on 1.07.2023 between 18:00 – 21:00 in Schloss THALHEIM | Thalheim 22, 3141 Kapelln, Austria, with live broadcast on social media.

The MULTIPLE PRIZES digital random draw will take place on 30.06.2023 between 18:00 – 21:00 with live broadcast on social media.

The winners will be determined after the closing deadline as part of a digital random draw among all participants.

We are considering 3 possibilities for tickets.

Click on the picture below to get your tickets!

Early bird ticket – 2 x Tickets for 100 €

From 12 April 2023 00:01 To 30 April 2023 23:50

Surprize ticket – 20% for 1 Ticket

From 1 May 2023 00:01 To 31 May 2023 23:50

Standard ticket – 1 x Ticket for 100 €

From 1 June 2023 00:01 To 30 June 2023 23:50

From the begining you have the chance to change a children’s life 

Support our projects in the raffle for humanity event so that we can install more solar water systems to quench the thirst of children. 

The SAN population from the Kalahari desert are known to be the most loving humans on earth. They have never fought in any wars and the word “hate” never existed in their vocabulary. 

Your ticket is both qualified for the micro tombola and for the big prize drawing. 

* Micro tombola drawing date: 30.06.2023 between 18:00 – 21:00

* Big prize drawing date: 01.07.2023 between 18:00 – 21:00


“Raffle for Humanity”


We would like this event to be something special for you.
That’s why we have these astounding prizes to remind you of your important contribution to the San population in Africa.


The “Raffle for Humanity” will be held in 2 stages:

1. Micro tombola with surprise prizes in values of 2000 €. (digital draw date 30 June 2023)

10 x SAN / Bushmen crafts – Handmade artefacts in the value of 1000 €

1 x Authentic Painting by Cristina Tatu in the value of 500 €

1 x Circle of bliss Handmade by Mariana Blindu – Handmade Tote bag and Cosmetic bag, in the value of 100 €

1 x MimiDolls by Elena Dima – Tilda Doll in the value of 89 €

1 x Camp Flowers by Laura Carp – Hand-made body set in the value of 50 €

2. THE BIG PRIZE – 10 days travel experience for 2 persons in Tanzania (Ngorongoro/Serengeti, Arusha, Zanzibar) valued at 10 000 € (digital draw date: 1 July)


10 Day Experience in TANZANIA for 2 persons valuing 10.000 €

Imagine landing in paradise with your loved one, gazing at the beaufitul landscapes and breathing in the perfume of the flowers of the plain on a green oasis full of wild animals and birds. Just by looking at this picture of nature you are charged with energy and strength, you hear your heart relax and feel how it connects with everything.

It’s Tanzania…

Imagine the morning moment with herds of Zebras running, hearing the loud sound of the lion’s roar showing supremacy, groups of elephants walking towards the water, elegant giraffes grazing on fresh grass, flamingos tidying their plummage. And that’s not all, not only will you be able to see these wonders for yourself but you will go on Safari with travel master Sebastian Tirtirau who will show you Ngorongoro/Serengeti, Arusha, you will have the unique opportunity to meet one of the bravest tribes, the lion-facing Massai, your feet will also step into Zanzibar, where you will have mega adventure and relaxation on the beach with a cocktail in hand while the turquoise waves and white sand caress your feet.

Book your ticket for your trip to paradise!

We look forward to seeing you in Austria for the exciting draw on 1 July and getting to know each other.

Arusha                                       1 day

Serengeti                                   3 days

Ngorongoro                              2 days

Arusha                                       1 day

Zanzibar                                    3 days


1 x Authentic Painting by Cristina Tatu in worth of 500 €

The artist Cristina Tatu will offer as a prize, from her precious collection, an authentic painting as part of the Tombola for Humanity. “Counted, counted, weighed and shared” expresses the divinely influenced feelings and emotions that left their mark at a decisive moment in her life.

Cristina Tatu will be present at the event with her soulful paintings and those who wish to have their space decorated with one of her creations can do so at Schloss Thalheim, 4 of her works are also available for sale and the money will go to the SAN project.

My works have been exhibited both in Romania and abroad, but the most beautiful gallery of art is your life itself. Here, day after day, a new picture is created, a new canvas is painted by itself with facts, thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Art does not remain at the stage of lines and shapes, colours, angles and perspectives, art is a passion, a way of living, a vibration.

So far I have never met an artist who did not have a deep relationship, totally different and with divinity, because beauty comes from there, it has no earthly origin!

1 x Circle of bliss Handmade by Mariana Blindu – Handmade Tote bag and Cosmetic bag set in value of 100 €

Re-use and re-purpose – this is my contribution to the reducing of consumerism, making useful and lovely things from items that are not serving anymore for the purpose they were initially bought or in order to be used more than just one time.

I use old jeans and curtains, trousers, women’s blouses or men’s shirts to create fashion bags or grocery bags and I love the process of creating new harmonious combinations of colors and pattern.

Making fabrics live another useful live, reducing the amount of waste in this world, creating reusable items, having a lot of fun in the entire process of creation, and bringing original solutions to people’s needs – this is what the circle of bliss is all about.

1 x MimiDolls by Elena Dima – Tilda Doll in worth of 89 €

 My name is Elena, I am 35 years old and I come from the Republic of Moldova and now I live in Sweden.  I am married and have two children. I am a journalist by profession and now I create Tilda dolls. I’ve been a doll maker since 2017 and have been able to deliver my products all over the world.

MimiDolls can be chosen according to preferences: everyone can choose the color and shape of the hair, the doll’s clothing and even after someone’s face I can paint the face . So far I have made more than 700 works and I have also done charity work.

The idea to create dolls came a few years ago when I was looking for a special gift for one of my little girls and by chance I discovered this kind of dolls. I instantly fell in love with them and thought I would do my best to learn how to make them myself. With ambition and desire I succeeded and have continued with this beautiful activity to this day.

1 x Camp Flowers by Laura Carp – Hand-made body set in worth of 50 €

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and creativity. Everything changes but the essence remains. We can think performance, otherwise nature becomes a partner. We support each other, accessing on both sides the same inexhaustible resource: love. Love for life. Love is what drove me to take care of myself and create in a personal and unintentional way to become a model for others.

That’s how I ended up producing my own care products: natural soap, herbal creams, etc. Instinctively I began to use the wisdom and teachings of the planets and integrate them into everyday life.  The quality of our time here on earth is shaped by personal choices. We make choices every second. I choose nature and its laws.  Otherwise delicate formulas to support skin health, such as natural soap made from long-kept plant oils and butters with healing herbs, herbal creams and other products, have taken shape, seemingly by themselves.

The Hand-made body set included:

  • 10 effervescent bath bombs.
  • 4 handmade herbal soaps (butters and vegetable oils macerated with herbs beforehand),
  • a marigold and frankincense cream (jojoba oil, rice, cocoa butter, buriti oil)

Living beautiful and healthy is closer to simplicity than abundance.

10 x SAN / Bushmen crafts – Handmade artefacts in the value of 1000  €

 San people are known to be very creative. The jewellery they create are always one-of-a-kind designs and are made piece by piece from ostrich eggshell, antelope leather and various seeds.

The egg that ends up being crafted has an interesting story and it is a real team effort until it takes the shape of a bracelet or necklace. 2 San people go to “steal” the egg from the male ostrich that guards it, one of them goes disguised as a female with a beak and a tail of feathers and lures the ostrich, while the other person slowly sneaks up and takes the egg, then runs away. The disguised bushman, when he sees that the egg is safe, throws the feathers and beak, the ostrich gets stuck for a few seconds, then the “conqueror” also breaks away. Bushmen are fast and last for miles to run. The egg will crack and cook for the tribe, and the shell is processed for jewellery.

Our Special Guest – UDDI

Our event will be even more colourful thanks to Uddi, who will entertain us with a heartfelt concert. He has decided to join our San cause and sing both for those present on our event at Schloss Thalheim on 1 July from 6 pm and for the plight of the San in Africa

Dragos Udila (UDDI) is a rising artist on the Romanian music scene, who managed to conquer the music charts with songs like ”Ipotecat” (Delia Matache featuring Uddi), ‘Prietena ta’ (Randi feat. Uddi & Nadir), ‘Aseara ti ti-am luat basma’ or ‘Buna Marie’ ( feat Matteo )

Born and raised in Iasi, Dragos has always felt that music is an important part of his life.

His first musical experience was X Factor, which was a challenge and an important step for his musical career, as it was the place where he took his first singing lessons, where he learned from professional people and made new friends.

His raggae-influenced music reflects his smart, fun & fresh personality, being the kind of artist who manages to convey the intensity and passion with which he sings to his audience.

The drawing of the BIG PRIZE will take place in SCHLOSS THALHEIM on the 1 JULI 2023

The achievements until 2023

Orphans currently under our care

Water systems powered by solar technology

Mosquito nets delivered to children of Africa

1455 lots have already been bought





Thank you to the partners who have worked with us to be the voice of Africa’s children and spread the word about the cause we are fighting for. You have impacted so many people around!


It is the sponsors who make the multi-skilled-San project in the Kalahari Desert possible through financial support. Thanks to you, we are working together on a great project that involves improving the lives of children and adults through the installation of solar drinking water systems, community economical development through the construction of the boutique lodge and the related activities.


Thanks to your creative dedication, we are able to bring joy to the people who participate in this fundraiser for the San population. We appreciate all your support and dedication.

UDDI – Dragos Udila

Elena Dima

Cristina Tatu

Laura Carp

Mariana Blindu

Daniela Secrieriu


In order to make the evening more enjoyable, we ask for your reservation via the form below. 

As the seats in the raffle hall are limited, please let us know if you would like to reserve the free entrance (with a valid ticket) for the raffle program. 


After the raffle drawing we will enjoy a 4-course menu together in the restaurant of the Thalheim Castle and clarify your open questions about the SAN project. 

We kindly ask you to reserve the desired menus in advance (limited to 60 PAX).

We are looking forward to welcoming you on 1 Iuli. We assure you already today our greatest attention!

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